Contact Information for CSS Exam

CSS by Editorial Staff (January 03, 11:39 AM)

Here is a list of some of the main centers which are working in different cities of Pakistan for contacting the peoples & help them for giving every sort of information related to CSS examination. MORE »

Check The Syllabus and Course of CSS Exam

CSS by Editorial Staff (December 21, 10:15 AM)

CSS is a competitive examination which invites the students from all over the Pakistan to be a part of this competition. The 12 subjects are used for this exam from which six are optional & six are compulsory. MORE »

Difference Between CSS and PMS Exams

CSS by Editorial Staff (December 18, 10:10 AM)

PMS (Punjab Management Service) exam is also conducted by FPSC (federal public service commission) of Pakistan. The main difference between CSS & PMS is that PMS exam is conducted MORE »

Get the CSS Test Paper Pattern Launched in Pakistan

CSS by Editorial Staff (December 10, 08:27 AM)

The paper pattern of CSS examination in Pakistan is also organized by FPSC (Federal Public Service Commission) of Pakistan MORE »

What You Must Have in Your Pocket for CSS Examination

CSS by Editorial Staff (December 08, 10:31 AM)

CSS exams are always organized under the Federal Public Service Commission of Pakistan. All the basic requirements are issued & organized by FPSC like rules of application, application process, schedule & fee submission. MORE »

Who is Eligible for CSS Exam

CSS by Editorial Staff (December 07, 12:26 PM)

The CSS (center superior service) exams are held by Federal Public Service Commission with following by some of the rules & regulations. MORE »

Find out Application Process of CSS Here!

CSS by Editorial Staff (December 07, 12:03 PM)

CSS exams are used as a best platform to collect brilliant peoples for the leadership of Pakistan politician & bureaucracy. CSS exam applications invite the candidates from all over Pakistan in the month of November/December every year by Federal Public Service Commission of Pakistan MORE »

Test Yourself Before You Get Tested for CSS Exam

CSS by Editorial Staff (December 07, 11:48 AM)

CSS screening test is a test which is designed to find out the best candidates from all the candidates of CSS (central superior service) of Pakistan MORE »

CSS Exam Preparation Guide at Your Click

CSS by Editorial Staff (December 05, 09:06 AM)

Every year about 5000 (Five Thousand) candidates making an effort to appear in CSS exams but out of these only 600 to 900 qualify for written test. MORE »

How far You Have to Travel to Reach CSS Exam Centre

CSS by Editorial Staff (December 05, 08:42 AM)

CSS exams are currently conducted in many cities of Pakistan. CSS is known as competitive exams normally for the students who want to be a part of Pakistani politics & bureaucracy MORE »

Something About CSS Exam You Must Know Before Taking it

CSS by Editorial Staff (December 04, 12:06 PM)

Now a day CSS exams are the most useful & authentic way to select the people to be a leader for Pakistani bureaucrats & Political representation. MORE »

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