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OnlineTaleem.com is a leading website which is currently dealing with the education sector of Pakistan and is aimed to touch other fields and sectors of the world in the foreseeable future.

OnlineTaleem was launched on 15 August 2013 since then it is growing and we are adding more and more to build it up a unique thing that can provide you all the things of your needs the obstacle for us to do this is the time that restrict us.

In the near future you will see us with complete different tone of content and categories, onlinetaleem is content and news based site and is focusing education of Pakistan until now a few sections of international education are also added recently more will be added step-by-step all the game is of time.

The site is administered by a team of professionals having years of experience in the field of blog running. You can also check our other blog on education for example. The articles and content is written by highly skilled team of writers, columnist, lecturers and teachers having a handsome experience of writing with top brands in the internet world. The news posted by our team may be a research based, analysis, latest occasion and latest break through, info-graphics, with true facts and figures not the falsehood.


  • To build up the intellect in the students by providing them the knowledge they need to develop and groom themselves.

  • To keep update the students’ community with the latest developments in their respective study departments and sections.

  • Providing students the latest developments on the basis of which they can take the big decisions of their life.

  • In short our aim is to spread knowledge in the student community with so that they can lead the world in the future.

  • This page will be updated with intervals without any notice, be stick with it to know more about us.

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