ACCA Past Papers for December 2016 Exams

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ACCA Past Papers play an important role in Students Exam preparation in any subject or exam papers of ACCA. Past papers include such types of questions which are normally faced by students in exams. These provide high ranges of topics which are normally tested in examination.

In addition to questions and answers past papers also include the following for the better preparation of each candidate. All past papers are updated in September to make them relevant for current exam session each year. (For Past Papers See Below)

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Examinable Topics

Past papers usually give an idea to students about examinable topics which are normally tested in exams. Students can get an idea about frequency of testing different topics by using this material. Some topics are examined by after each attempt so such topics some time considered to be important. Some topics are not frequently asked so if these are asked in previous attempt students can make analysis i.e. by when these will be again asked.

Examiner’s Reports

In past papers after each question examiner provide its feedback about student’s answers to these questions. Here you will find it too much important because writing anything is some time very easy but avoiding writing wrong points is very important thing to know. So it will provide you a feedback i.e. how students answer their parts.

Marking Scheme

At the end of each answer sheet examiner also provide detail for allocating marks in each question. This is also very important for students to get an idea which points have healthy marks that must be answered in questions.

Examiner’s Guidance

One thing that I found to be very important in all papers is examiner’s guidance for attempting each question. This will give you an idea how to tackle a particular exam papers in examination.

ACCA Past Papers

Fundamentals Knowledge

  • F1 Accountant in Business

  • F2 Management Accounting

  • F3 Financial Accounting

Fundamentals Skills

Professional Essentials

Professional Options (two out of four)

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