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Before discussing ACCA Syllabus 2014 and 2015 for all subjects one thing we want to communicate that ACCA each subject has a unique purpose or objective. Each Paper will develop unique skills and concepts to study further papers in supporting.

Syllabus For All ACCA Papers  


F1 Accountant in Business  

This is the first Fundamental paper of ACCA qualification, its main function is building understanding and knowledge of Business environment and what internal and external factors affect business organizations. It will develop conceptual learning about Business framework and how to manage a business.

F2 Management Accounting

In Management Accounting subject a new skill i.e. how to generate qualitative and quantitative (monitory and non monitory) information so that it can be used by management for planning, decision making and implementation business strategies.

F3 Financial Accounting

In this subject basis of Financial Accounting is formed using accounting conceptual framework, accounting principles, accounting regulations and International Accounting Standards (ISA).

F4 Corporate and Business Law

Understanding of Laws and regulations may affect business. Law of contract, law of tort, company laws, partnership laws and agency policies knowledge is provided i.e. legal framework.

F5 Performance Management

Advance level knowledge in Management Accounting so that students can learn how to make planning, decision making and implementing decisions.

F6 Taxation

This subject is exclusively related to Tax in the form Income tax, corporation tax, capital gain tax, inheritance tax. Understanding of what is the purpose of taxation system and how taxation is performed for individual, companies and partnerships.

F7 Financial Reporting

Application of International and local Accounting Standards and conceptual frameworks to make financial statements for all entities.

F8 Audit and Assurance

Developing skills and competencies to perform audit and assurance engagements under International Standards on Auditing (ISA).

F9 Financial Management

Very important subject in my point of view to manage finance of the business, fulfilling business finance needs. Arrangement of appropriate source of Finance and Investments decision making


P1 Governance, Risk and Ethics

To learn how to Govern of business corporate or any organization, how to manage and control risks what necessary actions needed by considering ethical stances.

P2 Corporate Reporting

Application of accounting policies in big picture of the business specially for corporate or group of companies and consolidation. Detailed knowledge is tested here along with business ratios calculation and analysis.

P3 Business Analysis

Analysis of business for the purpose of growth of business and maintaining from existing threats, making strategies after internal and external environment analysis, choosing strategies which suit to particular business and finally implementing.

Optional (2 out of 4 must be attempted)

P4 Advanced Financial Management

To make decision as a financial advisor for financial management issues of the business and also making suggestion for what actions should be taken to deal with financial matters.

P5 Advanced Performance Management

To enhance the performance of the business and overall organization by implementing suitable different techniques under management accounting and making post implementation analysis for further corrections.

P6 Advanced Taxation

Providing knowledge and analyzing skills for different Advance taxation issues. Making recommendations for particular tax issues. As a tax advisor providing advises how one can legally minimize its taxation amount.

P7 Advanced Audit and Assurance

In addition to previous subjects, in this subject students are ready to analyze, judge and conclude and report their final opinion on Audit and Assurance engagement.

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