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What is GMAT Graduate Management Test 2014  

GMAT test format should be known to all those persons who want to be a part of this test, this will help them in positive way to understand GMAT test.

 GMAT Test Timing

This whole test will be covered three & half hour to complete it with all or its four sections.

GMAT Test Format

GMAT test design is complete with the help of 4 basic skills divided in four sections as:

  • Analytical writing assessment (1 topic will be completed in 30 minutes)

  • Integrated reasoning (12 questions completed in 30 minutes)

  • Quantitative reasoning (37 questions completed in 75 minutes)

  • Verbal reasoning (41 questions completed in 75 minutes)

Analytical Writing Section

Is designed by GMAC to make develop or enhance the ability of candidate to think &

  • Give his opinions on a critical topic given at that time &

  • Point the reason behind the given topic & give make an analysis according to your ability &

  • Then put out your argue on your given reason

Integrated Reasoning Section

Was included in GMAT (June 2012) to measure & checkout another ability of candidates that in what way they will evaluate & develop data stated in different formats, how will they manage. Different formats of given data will be in following formats:

  • Graphics interpretations

  • Two-part analysis

  • Table analysis

  • Multi-source reasoning (all these are analyze by candidate)

Quantitative Reasoning Section

Is totally designed to find out your abilities in basic mathematics with its basic skills. This will check by giving different questions in different types like:

  • Problem solving questions

  • Data sufficiency (questions will be in multi choice)

Verbal Reasoning Sections

Will also find your abilities with help of multiple-choice questions. This section will also measure your abilities about your analysis, evaluation & correct standards English sentences. All the things are will show about your mentality that in what way you will solve this section.

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