What is GMAT? Also Known As Graduate Management Admission Test

GMAT by Editorial Staff

Introduction of GMAT

What is GMAT, You have listened about the different test for different purposes, one of these GMAT is a test used for making an admission in Graduate business Institutes.

What is GMAT?

GMAT is another test used as criteria by more than 2,100 universities & institutes for taking admission in business management programs. The acronym of GMAT is GRADUATE MANAGEMENT ADMISSION TEST. This test used when a person needs to take admission in any business graduate program for example:

  • MBA

  • Master in accountancy

  • Master in finance

All these programs fall in business management programs out of 5,900 programs & needs GMAT test score for taking admission.

About GMAT

GMAT test is called sometimes “CAT” because this is a computer-adaptive test which means a portion of GMAT test base on computer base skills.

This test is written & taken in standardized English. The basic aim to design this test is to make an estimate about the educational abilities & the approach of the candidate in related subject is checkout whether he\she are able to this or not.

The GMAT test is organized by an organization GMAC (Graduate management admission council). This organization is responsible to set all criteria of GMAT & also manage the test skills in that way which will achieve some basic aims helps to fulfill the all requirements of business management schools or institutions.

GMAT test will be comprises of 4 basic skills

  • Analytical

  • Quantitative

  • Verbal & integrated reasoning skills

  • These are set by GMAC which is responsible to evaluate this test.

The GMAT test or exam is not taken as paper-based version but in some areas like the some places out of North America still take this exam used by paper- based examination, otherwise this exam is usually take with the help of computer, or the skills used for computer communication.

last Updated: 3/6/2016

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