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How much Money I Have to Pay to Get Addmission in IELTS

IELTS by Editorial Staff (January 17, 01:16 PM)

IELTS is conducted in Pakistan with the help of two main examination bodies or two controllers for this test which is British Council & AEO. Both are working for conducting IELTS test in Pakistan. MORE »

Find out Your IELTS Test Dates by AEO

IELTS by Editorial Staff (January 16, 08:15 AM)

AEO is the second examiner body which holds the IELTs in Pakistan & working since 1997 in Pakistan. AEO is working for providing IELTs test in all over Pakistan for the candidates who have desired to study in any international institute MORE »

Check Your IELTS Result Here

IELTS by Editorial Staff (January 15, 08:22 AM)

Your IELTs Result will be declared after the 13 days of your test date, you can see your result by online result on the official webpage. MORE »

The Way You can Find Tutor for IELTS Prep

IELTS by Editorial Staff (January 14, 08:12 AM)

Basically IELTS is an international test used by those students who want to study abroad. So for this purpose candidates need to score excellent band. To score excellent marks you need an appropriate tutor MORE »

Here You can Get the List of IELTS Accepting Countries

IELTS by Editorial Staff (January 14, 06:20 AM)

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is the most acceptable English Language Test in many countries & recognized by many countries (some of which list is provided below) professional bodies & institutes. MORE »

Click Here to Reach Your IELTS Admission Form

IELTS by Editorial Staff (January 14, 03:51 AM)

What Time Period My IELTS result is Valid For?

IELTS by Editorial Staff (January 13, 11:53 AM)

Every year about 1.4 Million students attempt this IELTS test to apply in any foreign institute. This test is designed to check out the different abilities of candidates in English. These abilities are checked in the concept whether they can adjust in any foreign English cultural environment or not for getting international education. MORE »

Rechecking Procedure of IELTS in Pakistan

IELTS by Editorial Staff (January 13, 11:19 AM)

How can I Apply for IELTS Recheking and How much I have to submit and what form I need to fill. Furthermore is there any chances to get higher band after recheking or in what sections of IELTS a candidate can get high marks. MORE »

Get IELTS Application Form and Free Download

IELTS by Editorial Staff (January 09, 08:32 AM)

IELTS Application Form Free Download. IELTS is currently tested in seven different cities of Pakistan which are provided below MORE »

Get Registration of Your IELTS Test Here

IELTS by Editorial Staff (January 09, 07:47 AM)

All the candidates who want to take admission in IELTS either in academic version or in general training version have to register (Apply) their name for entering in IELTS test. MORE »

Reality of Reading Section of IELTS and Its Format

IELTS by Editorial Staff (January 08, 10:16 AM)

This will be the second section of IELTS test, which is designed to point out the reading abilities of candidates. This is not only means that you have to just read given content this means you should understand its concepts or theme. MORE »

Listening Section of IELTS, Its Format and other Related Consequences

IELTS by Editorial Staff (January 08, 09:56 AM)

Listening test is the first test which you have to face while you were entering in the examination room. Many candidates were fail to gain maximum marks in this section because they are confuse or affaire from test. MORE »

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