MCAT stands for Medical College Admission Test. As by name, it is a test taken to take admission in medical college or university all over the world in most of countries. Here you will find mcat related every information related to most of the countries. Like mcat prep, mcat registration, mcat commercial courses, mcat notes, mcat scores, mcat fee structure and related medical colleges and universities etc.

MCAT Examination Test Centres in Pakistan

MCAT by Editorial Staff (January 01, 11:38 AM)

All the candidates are instructed to mention their city & center in form where they want to appear as candidate for MCAT exam. MORE »

List of Medical Institutes in Pakistan

MCAT by Editorial Staff (January 01, 11:33 AM)

MCAT examination i.e. Medical College Admission Test is entry test arranged for getting admission in medical institutes MORE »

What Is MCAT? Introduction

MCAT by Editorial Staff (December 31, 09:27 AM)

MCAT is the first step for the candidates who have passed the initial stage of medical in the form of pre-medical. The students who have passed this stage with good marks can apply for the future process of medical MORE »

Details Regarding MCAT Application Form and Fee

MCAT by Editorial Staff (December 30, 01:03 PM)

MCAT (medical college admission test) test is usually organized by UHS University of health sciences in which UHS announces or control every schedule of MCAT examination MORE »

Application Process of MCAT

MCAT by Editorial Staff (December 30, 12:26 PM)

There are number of students who decided to enter in F.Sc (pre-medical) only because of the completion of their desire to become a doctor. This once is conceder as the first step or initial stage to be a doctor MORE »

Programs After Passing MCAT

MCAT by Editorial Staff (December 30, 11:55 AM)

MCAT is a test which is rapidly famous among all the young generation who want to become a doctor in any of field. MCAT is considered as the door for entering in medical colleges. MORE »

How can I Reschedule or Cancel My Exam?

MCAT by Editorial Staff (November 07, 02:14 AM)

If you really wana cancel or reschedule your MCAT exam coz of any reason, after logging into the MCAT Scheduling and Registration System, click the appropriate link: "how to reschedule" or "how to cancel". MORE »

What should I do if there are no more seats available at my preferred testing site?

MCAT by Editorial Staff (November 06, 12:22 AM)

You have to consider registering at another test site, or registering for another date or time. And you have also to continuously check your desired testing location because a seat may become available in the future MORE »

When is the Last Day that I can Reschedule or Cancel My Exam?

MCAT by Editorial Staff (October 25, 02:17 AM)

The last day to reschedule is deadline of the Silver Zone registration, where Bronze Zone is the last day of canceling any exam. MORE »

Should I get on a waitlist for a specific test session?

MCAT by Editorial Staff (October 25, 02:00 AM)

You can't get on a waitlist for a specific test sessions in MCAT because MORE »

Will the Exam be More Difficult than in Previous Years with the Removal of the Writing Sample sectio

MCAT by Editorial Staff (October 25, 12:15 AM)

As for the question regarding difficulty level of taking MCAT exam after switching from Essay Writing to Trial Session, you need not to worry much MORE »

How can I Participate in Trial Section?

MCAT by Editorial Staff (October 24, 02:41 AM)

In Trial Section, you can sit without pre-registration in any case. If you complete the following condition, you will be invited to take Trial Section. MORE »

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MCAT Medical Admission Test

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