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There are bundle of question raised in a rational mind regarding mcat when one is going to take mcat test. Question are mostly related to preparation of mcat exams, about general information regarding mcat like purpose of mcat or qualification criteria, about trial session and benefits and participating in trial sessions, about schedule and registration, or about the scoring of MCAT exams.

We tried our best to cover the answers most of practical and rational question regarding MCAT Exams that may raises in one’s mind. Please see the following question and their answers.


Questions Regarding Preparing for the MCAT Exam


General Informative Questions Regarding the MCAT Exam


Questions About The Trial Section


Question Related to Scheduling and Registering for the MCAT Exam

Questions About Scoring of the MCAT Exam

  • How is the MCAT exam scored?

  • What is a rescore?

  • How often do scores change as a result of the rescoring process?

  • How are multiple scores used?

  • How can I learn about administration statistics and view information on MCAT retesters?


About Testing History (THx)

  • What is the Testing History (THx) System?

  • How long does it take to receive scores?

  • How can I send scores?

  • How can I send selected scores?

  • How can I get a copy of my official score report?

  • How can I get the verification code?

  • How long does it take for my scores to be sent through THx?

  • I've sent my scores, but the application service/school says that they do not have them. What should I do then?

  • What is mynumber of test series?

  • How long are scores valid?

  • How was the Writing Sample section of the MCAT exam scored (prior to 2013)?

If you have more Questions regarding MCAT, just don't fear to ask in following comments.

Last Updated: 4/6/2016

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