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What Wide Range of Options Students have for Accommodation in Germany

Finding an Accommodation in Germany where you go first time may be inherently some tough task for you but don’t worry about it now. We will provide you tremendous or vast ideas in deciding where to live in Germany.

Every university offer the facility of living in university but there is some times no rooms free because the large number of students when international students apply here, so the students should be ready for this very important task because living apartment near university or in university area is quite difficult. A rent of a small apartment will be 300€ to 600€.

If you have one of your relative in German then you can get guidelines from your friend to save from these difficulties.

Where Should I Reside or Live

Residence depends on your requirement that you want to enjoy in your apartment like room physical appearance and condition, luxury bed, washroom facilities. It also depends on your budget you wanna allocate for this purpose.

Some Important Things to Consider while Choosing Accommodation

When you were searching for your living place you should take your attention to these points

  • It should be near to your university

  • It should be cheap according to your budget

  • It should provide all the basic facilities like food, internet, silence & telephone etc.

  • If it is far from your university then public transport point should be near.

You will find different types of accommodation in Germany from luxury apartment to simple room for rent.

B & B Stays

B&B (bed and breakfast) stays is usually recommended by many travelers this is mostly low rates residency but in America these are more luxury apartments.

Castle Hotels

Castle hotels were re-build once again after the unification for public. However some of these have more luxuries & comforts but other has ancients luxuries. Students which have interests in old and traditional things like to stay here.


If you have handsome amount of budget you can also get a flat according to your requirement and needs separately. You can also join shared flats (Wohngemeinschaften) WG by some other persons.

Students Apartments

A lot of students near your university may want to accommodate any student so that burden of overall rent can be minimized for all.

Youth Hostels

Germany has provided the international with another accommodation called Youth hotels, these are modern types of accommodation, students have to reserve their apartment before the month of July & August.

Rent a Room

Some of the landlord who to share their houses these houses are also available for students. If they want to share their room they display a card with a title “ZIMMER FREI” which means room is free for rent. These rooms are fully furnished with all basic essentials.

last Updated: 3/6/2016

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