How Much Cost of Living You have to Face in Germany

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Cost of Study and Living Expenses in Germany

When a candidate decides to study abroad he\she should not only focus the reputation of country & its degree importance but some other things also need attention which is more effective (Cost of living in Germany) i.e. the budget of any candidate and how expenses they have to bear when staying there.

This article is written with the objective to deliver information to all those students who are worried about Germany expenses and have no idea how much expenses they may face.

Germany living cost is little bit low as compared to other European and Scandinavian Countries in the form of food, entertainment, residence issues etc.

Study Cost

Germany has gained popularity among International Students because it has valuable image or unforgettable status in education sector. If your budget is limited you can join those universities which charge low tuition fee.

However normally per semester fee is charged in most universities about 500 Euros.

Some of the States of Germany like Bayem, Hamburg, Niedersachsen & Nordrhein-Westfalen has controlled its own matters & charge tuition fee to fulfill the needs of University. They charge about 500 Euros tuition fee as per semester.

The students who have enough sources to pay maximum tuition fee they can choose Private universities as their destination because these universities are totally finances by their own tuition fee so that they have set about 20,000 € per year which is costly for middle class.

In addition to study every university cost 150 to 200 Euros per semester which includes the cost of sports, cafeteria, bus ticket & residential homes in university. There may be a student card will be awarded to you to use for travelling.

Living cost

The other cost after tuition fee will be your residential cost which you will see when you were go in German. Resident in Germany is not much costly, universities provide shared rooms if you find free then you should live there. There are other homes, shared, or apartments which will cost about 200 to 400 Euros depending on area.
Other costs

  • Cost for notes 50 €

  • Cost for enjoyment 200 €

  • Cost of Shared apartment 300 to 500 €

  • Cost of Separate apartment 400 € or more

  • Cost of One loaf of bread € 2 - € 3

  • Cost of One kg of apples € 2

  • Cost of One kg of potatoes € 1

  • Cost of One litre of milk € 0.50 - € 1

  • Cost of One bottle of mineral water (1/3 litre) € 0.30

  • Cost of One cup of coffee at a café € 2.5 - € 3

  • Cost of One glass of beer at a pub (0.3 litre) € 2.00 - € 3

  • Cost of One pair of shoes € 30 to € 100

  • Cost of One t-shirt € 7 to € 50

  • Cost of One pair of trousers € 30 to € 100

  • Cost of One cinema ticket € 4 to € 8

  • Cost of One theatre ticket € 6 to € 30

  • Cost of One ticket to the museum € 2 to € 9

    last Updated: 3/6/2016

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