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What is the Germany Educational System

As the every country has its own educational system which is vary from country to country according to its needs. Similarly German has developed its Germany educational system more modern & powerful. 

Elementary Level (Kindergarten)

Those children whose age is in between 3 to 6 years old can get admission in pre-school institution of Germany.

Primary Level (Grundschule)

In Grundschule level children or students stay for Four (4) years in which they learn how to read, write and also solve arithmetic questions. Furthermore a general idea for below subjects is also provided.

  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • Geography

  • History

  • Physics

  • Social Science

Secondary Level

Secondary level consists of further two levels. In level one in addition English is taught and in level two vocational training is provided.

Germany Education System

German has its own strategies for educational system like in the other countries, it have some different degree names according to their country. At time Germany has made more reforms & changes in their educational system.

Recent new reforms which was included in German educational system was that

  • Gymnasium education will be reorganize

  • Nine year education will be converted into eight year education & get the gymnasium study for one year so that ABITUR will be awarded ( a certificate that candidate has completed his\her preparatory education).


German-StudentAfter getting Abitur certificate students will be able to get admission in any university of advanced technical colleges (institutes equal to university level). Students can learn more about latest tech online updates.

The international students who want to study in German universities have to send their graduate degree to get admission there.

Admission requirements also vary from institute to institute because every institute has its own criteria of selection.

Advanced technical college means which offers the education in the form of practical education like it has three type arts, music & film all will be studied in the form of practical. However these colleges also offer scientific & socialistic education.

There are both types of universities private & public universities, public universities has more advantages because it will charge low fee rate while private universities charge much more tuition fee.

For the students of medicine, teaching, dentist & law they have to get another degree with master level degree which is called Staatsexamen in German language.

last Updated: 3/6/2016

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