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Wanna know Passing and Failing Criteria under German Grade System

 As we know every country has its own criteria of selections for students or for to give the title of pass or fail. Germany has also sets criteria for selecting the candidates for universities and it has different plus Supppppeeerrbbbb Germany Grading System from England and Wales from my point of view.

German criteria should know to international students because when they were applying in German universities they have to convert their marks or grades equal to German grades or points. They should know this system because according to this they will work hard to pass their examinations.

Germany has two types of grading system in their system. In the first system all the grades will be described below with the remarks on grades.

  • 6.0 Very poor

  • 5.0 Poor

  • 4.0 Adequate

  • 3.0 Satisfactory

  • 2.0 Good

  • 1.0 Very good

This grading system is usually apply to level one to level ten or advanced technical colleges & in universities.

The 2nd grading system grades are divided from 0 to 15 , because when the ABITUR exams is made compulsory it is easy to calculate the final grades on report.

This is the basic system for students to convert grades into German grading system when they apply for universities. The descriptions of grades is given below

  • 00 Very poor

  • 01

  • 02 Poor

  • 03

  • 04

  • 05 Adequate

  • 06

  • 07

  • 08 Satisfactory

  • 09

  • 10

  • 11 Good

  • 12

  • 13

  • 14 Very good

  • 15 More than good

The spaces between grades show if the points of any candidates fall between 11 to 13 his\her grades will be considered as good.

After the application of BOLOGNA-reform (in which different reforms are presented for educational system) in Germany, one more category was introduced which called ECTS-points (European Credit Transfer System).

This will awarded to those students who will pass their exam with every lecture/exercise in university. This will help to increase their average points.

last Updated: 3/6/2016

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Humair November 02, 03:51 PM

i want to ask you about study in germany . My question is tell me the minimum % which is required for bachlor program in mechanical engineering


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