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China is the 3rd largest economy of the world & there is an estimate that China will overtake Japan. The economy of the China has been growing since the last three decades. South East & East areas of China has get the more benefit of the China’s economy. China is also the major stake holder for the international exchange & cooperation & also has an effective administrated system.

History of International Students

IN 1950, when there is no concept of educational activities in China or no other programs in educational field have not introduced at that time a group from East European countries arrived at China.

This group was consist of 33 international students & be the opener of the educational activities in China. With the passage of time the number of international student have been increased & at the end of 2000 according to an estimate the total number of students was reached to 407,000. Today, a large number of international students from 160 countries are liked to study in China.

According to the Chinese Ministry of education, English Language tuition has been introduced & will be available in more than 38 universities for 250 programs since 2009.

About 40,000 international students came China every year only to study Chinese language & its culture. They want to learn Chinese Language as they want to teach Chinese as foreign language course.

Chinese language, calligraphy, engineering, computer science, medicine, MBAs & international business are the most popular subjects among all the international students who are studying in China.

According to an estimate 88,000 international students are studying in China on the basis of scholarships which have provided by Chinese Government for students.

Last Updated: June, 4, 2016

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