TOEFL test is used to measure english abilities for students who want to go for study abroad in different countries. like UK, USA and Canada etc. 

Here You can Find TOEFL Test Format Both IBT and PBT

TOEFL by Editorial Staff (January 16, 07:40 AM)

TOEFL test is now available in two formats, IBT (Internet based test) & PBT (paper base test) MORE »

What The TOEFL Is For?

TOEFL by Editorial Staff (January 06, 07:40 AM)

When student want to get admission in any college and university of another country, here problem of language occurs so different countries have made special tests for language proficiency like IELTS and TOEFL. MORE »

What the TOEFL Exactly Is? Introduction

TOEFL by Editorial Staff (January 06, 07:36 AM)

As we know that in all over the Pakistan, when we want to get admission in any college, university or academy every student have to attempt a test to measure his/her ability to achieve the target designed by these colleges and universities MORE »

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