Top Universities & Colleges of United States to Apply

USA by Editorial Staff (October 22, 12:24 AM)

Study in USA (United State of America) educational institute, especially in the universities of united state (US) is the utmost wish of all students. Most of the students get the high level degree from USA. U.S is one of the countries which receive the largest percentages of international students from about 130 different countries. MORE »

Passing SAT will Give Opportunity to Poorer Students to Graduate from High Colleges

USA by Editorial Staff (October 01, 05:16 AM)   Comments (0)

The group with direct the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) formally known as Scholastic Aptitude Test is going to launch a outreach enhancing program which would work nationwide to help those students who score high mark in SAT like tests but unable to apply in high standard colleges and universities due to their poor financial situation. MORE »

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