Virtual University

Virtual University

What Virtual University (VU) offers

by Editorial Staff (November 15, 11:47 PM)

VU offers the many programs in their institute. Many of these programs are FOUR YEAR DEGREE programs & these programs, consist eight semesters & each semester will complete in 18 weeks whole for studying & examination. MORE »

Milestones of Virtual University

by Editorial Staff (November 13, 11:11 PM)

The credibility of any University is determined by the achievements that University Made. This proves actually the milestone of any University. The Virtual University (VU) of Pakistan also has many achievements. MORE »

Board of Governors and Faculty Details of Virtual University

by Editorial Staff (November 13, 09:18 PM)

The general supervision and control of administrative, academic and financial affairs and the power to lay down the policies of the University vests are in the Board of Governors control. Where the Faculty of Virtual University is consisting of more or less 261 members. MORE »

How Virtual University Functions in Pakistan

by Editorial Staff (November 12, 10:06 PM)

As for the working mechanism of Virtual University of Pakistan, VU facilitates its students by basic two means i.e. Television broadcast and Internet. VU courses are hand-crafted in meticulous detail by acknowledged experts in the field. MORE »

Introduction to Virtual University of Pakistan

by Editorial Staff (November 12, 02:44 AM)

Virtual University (VU) is one of the most famous and authentic Online University of Pakistan, founded in 2002 by the Government of Pakistan as a public sector, having its branches in every important localities. MORE »

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